Monday, December 28, 2009

The Day of Infamy: Chinese Vice President Disgraces the Japanese Emperor [Ch-SAKURA Dec 24, '09]

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Xi Jinping, Vice President of Communist China, visited Japan. He is a mass murderer.
Xi is responsible for the massacre of Uyhgurs, which took place on July 5th,2009, in People's Republic of China.
During his visit to Japan on December 15th, Xi Jinping was granted an audience with the Japanese Emperor. This imperial audience shouldn't have been given. It is Ichiro OZAWA who made this imperial audience possible. Mr.OZAWA is Secretary General of the Democratic Party of Japan(DPJ). Currently DPJ is a party in power, and OZAWA is the most influential politician in Japan. By letting Xi Jinping be met by the Emperor, OZAWA has disgraced His Imperial Majesty and the Imperial Household.

Commentator is Gemki Fujii, lecturer at Japan's National Police Academy.
Please check his own web cite also at gemki fujii com.
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