Thursday, October 27, 2005

Think Different: Rosa Parks, 1913-2005

"Memories of our lives, of our works, and our deeds will continue in others."

-Rosa Louise Parks, 1913-2005

Think Different

"Even to many people who were around in those days, the era of racial segregation seems as remote as the Civil War. You might say that back in the Fifties, American society lived at a different point in evolutionary time.

Social historians point to an individual act of defiance on December 1, 1955, as the beginning of the end of that time.

What happened: In Montgomery, Alabama, a black seamstress named Rosa Parks was heading home after a long day at work.
She boarded a bus and found a vacant seat.
Trouble was, if there weren’t enough seats on the bus for Caucasians, African Americans were supposed to give up their seats; back then that was the law in Montgomery, Alabama.
As it happened, the bus soon filled up and Rosa was expected to give up her seat..." {Continued}

About Ms. Rosa Louise Parks

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